I have been involved with the design, development, and hosting of dozens of websites (and counting) over the years. Here are a few recent examples!

Electron Rider

Electron Rider is my passion project. After working in the PEV industry and building many websites for both review companies and manufacturers, I figured… why not build my own? I designed and built the website using Laravel and am constantly adding improvements and new features. I also do all of the reviews for the associated YouTube Channel.

electricbikereview.com preview screenshot showing the landing page

EBR Electric Bike Review, Inc

EBR Electric Bike Review provides world-class reviews, content, and discussion about all things electric bike. With thousands of reviews, a high-traffic member forum, and a robust network of local shop partners, EBR provides something for every eBike enthusiast. Averages 1.5 million pageviews per month!

The main website is WordPress-based with a custom theme and plugins. The “Local Listings” service is an advertising platform for local Ebike shops, with a backend built in Laravel and numerous frontend widgets built with vanilla Javascript. The forum is powered by Xenforo 2.0 and features some custom integrations with WordPress and Local Listings data.

preview screenshot of self-transformations.com landing page

Self Transformations

Self-Transformations provides professional massage services and uniquely powerful coaching sessions for any life situation. The site uses ScheduleOnce for managing bookings, Woocommerce for payments, SendinBlue for email marketing, and my own custom plugin to help all these components talk to each other and power a client dashboard.

Edge Computer Repair & Data Recovery

Edge provides the best service & expertise for PC and Mac repairs in Northern Colorado. (Full disclosure, I used to work there). Even more impressive, they provide professional data recovery services that rival anything else available in the US.

I started with an old website for this business and turned it into two separate websites, one for computer repair services and one for data recovery services. I upgraded site software, moved everything to new hosting, and made a number of SEO improvements, as well as re-designing the theme in accordance with the business owner’s verbal requests.

Tic Tac Toe Demo

While applying for a developer job I was given a coding challenge to “create a simple tic-tac-toe game in the language of my choice.” I chose Laravel and had a blast building this app! Game results are tracked and the computer player even has basic defensive capabilities.

Play It | Github